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Karr bright auto detail

We provide services directly to the Automobile Industry, and to Consumers. 

automobile industry

For over twenty years, we’ve been providing on-the-lot interior and detailing services for front-line cars, prior to resale. Service we provide include:

  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning and stain removal
  • Prior-to-sale, Protective plastic for rugs
  •  Floor mats, with or without your custom  logo
  • Odor removal

consumer services

We offer a number of services, for both auto and home. We use many products that are literally one-of-a-kind, and not available to the consumer. Consumer servicdes include:

  • Automobile detailing and restorative services
  • Plastic color restoration
  •  Auto and Home odor removal.
  • Other unique processes:
    • Surface polymers
    • Marine and other cleaning Products
    • Concrete strengthenng

Front-line Auto Prep

We prepare and protect the interiors for your Pre-owned, front-line cars. 

Odor Removal

We have cutting-edge products for removal of odors in car and home.

Floor Mats

We have a number of mat options available, including your custom logos.

Plastic Restoration

Florida sun is hard on plastics. We restore them back toward their original.

Surface Polymer Application

We have an exclusive product to apply a  protective layer to paint.

Marine Products

Ask us about our line of Marine and other cleaning products.

Car Detailing

Our car detailing uses unique products, used with a local patented process that enhances the properties of the Application. You will only find these products at, although we will entertain distributor inquiries.

These will not only get the vehicle cleaner in this phase, but will put a surface coat that will be shinier, more protective, and more long-lasting.

In the pictures below you will see, in normal wax on the left, a very small surface layer, and a large water droplet on the surface. Using our Application, you notice that the protective surface is much thicker, plus the water does not bead up, sheeting off of the car — in fact, washing dirt away with it. 


Take a look at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of this Dodge Magnum truck. The underhood, with years of engine grease and dirt, was sprayed with our products. Both this underhood, and the exterior of this truck, literally came like new. Also shown is the engine application.

Dodge Magnum - Before

  • Prior to application, engine dirt was pronounced
  • We cleaned the surfaces
  • And provided a polymer coating to enhance longevity
  • See the finished product

Engine Compartment - Before

dodge magnum - after

  • Dirt is removed and polymer is applied.
  • Hood is now protected for a long period.
  • Looks like new.

Engine compartment - after

dodge Exterior- after

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